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SecurityBud  Los Angeles Security Systems

Who are we?

We started SecurityBud in 2011 with a little help from a couple of friends and a lot of help from my wife Sindy. We made our primary focus Los Angeles Commercial Security after bouncing between the residential and commercial market for the past 5 years. We have become Los Angeles's Commercial Security Experts, and we are grateful to have come have come this far. We are so proud of who we have become and we share that passion in serving you!  Being a ten year veteran in the security industry, I have seen corporate companies treat their business as a numbers game.  After watching the greed take first place and the customer second I decided I needed to make a change in the Security Industry. That is the reason why I started my family-owned business, to give the customer peace of mind, genuine customer support, get done first time.



We provide personalized installations for residences and all size businesses, municipalities, and facilities. 


What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction through integrity, expertise, and support; not only do we install Security, we install peace of mind. We treat your business as if it was our business.

Thousands of companies trust us already.

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What are the benefits from choosing SecurityBud?

We know you have many options to choose from when it comes to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems in Los Angeles, and you will find that SecurityBud guarantees customer satisfaction.  When you choose SecurityBud, you are choosing to let in many moments of peace to come into your lifestyle.  Notice that CCTV systems in Los Angeles are not all created equally or are installed equally which is even more important.  While the other guys tell you want to hear, most can do what we have been able to do time and time again.


Why Choose Security for Your Business?

The most common reason for security surveillance is to deter theft in the home or at the workplace.  Cameras cannot altogether prevent theft, but with careful management of live feed, residents or employers may detect any suspicious activity before a crime has been committed. It can also raise alertness of an emergency situation, if one were to arise.  Along with an increased awareness, you will gain peace of mind.

-As a small business we understand how the safety of your staff is an important factor in operating.  SecurityBud has protected millions of dollars in assets. We give you peace of mind while you are away; you get security in the palm of your hands.  All of our Surveillance systems come standard with remote access and mobile access.


-You can reduce the possibility of fraudulent claims of worker’s compensation.  Unfortunately there are plenty of workers who claim to have been hurt on the job to scam employers; those companies are responsible for the financial compensation, even if the company suspects false claims. Documented surveillance playback can insure your companies’ policies to stop fraudulent acts before they happen.


-In larger businesses, a closed circuit provides a close watch over multiple departments.  A documented eye can ensure that policies and procedures are being followed. It can give business owners and managers the freedom to travel knowing the business can properly operate without their attendance.



Options for CCTV Systems

SecurityBud, your Los Angeles Commercial Security Expert, will help you decide on all of the details. Whether you are looking to lease a system, upgrade your old one, or outright buy the package, we have bundles that will help you save the most. Other companies only offer a 30-day warranty for labor. We can offer you up to a two-year warranty, depending on your package. 


What’s the difference between wired and wireless?

Wireless - A wireless CCTV can be portable and sometimes less expensive, but they can be much less reliable as the transmitted frequency can be easily interrupted.

Hybrid Custom - This is a system SecurityBud Designs in house utilizing outdoor antennas and hardwired IP cameras to achieve high levels of continuity ad connections. (We have done a lot of these for  the different Los Angeles Commercial Security Systems in larger pieces of property.)

Wired - A wired CCTV system includes either an analog or network cable to directly connect and transmit video across the system circuit elements; these elements being surveillance cameras, display cameras, recording devices, etc. 



You will notice that CCTV systems are not ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  So call us anytime to set up a FREE custom estimate and we will send out a SecurityBud consultant to discuss your vision for your alarm system. Once a decision has been made a highly trained technician will be designated to install the surveillance system in your residence or business. Thinking of moving or relocating your business? SecurityBud CAN send one of our highly trained technicians to uninstall and relocate any CCTV system in your residence or business.


We have completed projects that are 1 Camera all the way up to 400+ Security Camera Installations for some of the Largest Corporations.


Whether you are looking to service a system, upgrade your old one, lease a system, or outright install a fresh security camera installation, we have bundles that will help you save the most. Other companies only offer a 30-day warranty for labor. We can offer you up to a two-year warranty, depending on your package.